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Nutritional Pyramid – as piece of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am excited that I get to make my own nutritional pyramid. Okhay, therefore when I am method with clients, what I am always telling them is that the base of their diet needs to metal in vegetables, particularly inexpert, leafy vegetables like kale and crucifer and your lettuces, your Swiss chard, your collard greens. All those leaved greens that we kinda breeze on by, those are block full of vitamins, minerals and material, and they are the vegetables that are the highest in vitamins and minerals, but they are the worst in the calories. And they help to ward off nearly every disease as good as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. So the base of your diet should be in these green, leafy vegetables as well arsenic your sweet vegetables, like melodious potatoes, carrots, squashes, parsnips, radishes. This is going to keep you healthy with lots of vitamins and minerals available to your body. So that is your base of your food pilot pyramid. Coming up above that, we’ve got our fruits which are also packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and very important for the diet. And kind of next to the fruits I would put within your integral grains like your amaranth that I have here, the quinoa that we talked about, the buckwheat, suntanned rice, millet, wheat berries, spelts, chaotic rice, every these great grains that we’ve available to us. Then above that I would put in your proteins. So this might be your vegetarian sources of protein or your sensual sources of protein. It could be lentils, soy beans, chick peas. It could also be bird, fish, eggs, some type of protein you are using. And close thereto I would put in your honest quality fats suchlike your almonds, your pumpkin seeds, your sesame seeds, all of these great, good quality fats likewise as your oils same walnut oil, oil , coconut oil, that are going to add lubrication to the article, help the brain to fire its neurotransmitters, and keep your heart and cholesterol healthy. Sugar has no lay in the food guide pyramid. We get plenty of it from our grains and our vegetables and our fruits. Anybody who says there’s sugar within the food guide pyramid I just kick right on out. Thus those would be my recommendations for the ultimate food guide pyramid and the ultimate wellbeing.

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